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5 tips for choosing the right face mask

Given that wearing surgical masks in the workplace is mandatory for many people, it is important to find a safe, effective and comfortable mask that you will be able to wear for several hours at a time. But where to start?

Here are 5 tips to follow when choosing the right mask for you.


In work environments where the risk of contracting a virus is very real, it is essential to wear a certified medical mask that complies with the ASTM F2100-19 North American standard rather than a face mask made of fabric or other material.

Your mask must provide effective bacterial filtration and increased protection against viruses. Choose a model with a hydrophobic barrier that prevents the transfer of bodily fluids and resists acids. To meet the various requirements of different work environments, the ASTM F2100-19 standard has specified three levels of protection offered by masks:

  • Level 1: minimum acceptable level of fluid resistance
  • Level 2: superior fluid resistance
  • Level 3: the highest level of fluid resistance

Remember to select the right level of protection based on your mask use and everyday needs.


You might not always be able to enjoy a breath of fresh air, but you can always make sure to breathe comfortably while wearing a mask. Made of a thin but strong membrane, a high quality mask avoids moisture build-up around the nose and mouth. This results in superior ventilation and a greater feeling of comfort. You will be able to inhale and exhale safely for hours, and your skin will not suffer!


Don’t forget your comfort when it comes to selecting a mask. The mask should be thin, soft and light, and made of quality materials.

Make sure the mask suits the shape of your face, without any gaps or excessive pleats. The presence of a nasal band allows for a better fit around the nose and prevents the fogging of eyeglasses. Often overlooked, ear straps must be comfortable to avoid any irritation behind the ears.


If you have to wear a mask for extended periods of time, be sure to choose one that is safe and does not contain any harmful elements. For instance, a recent warning was issued on the potential health risks associated with masks containing graphene.

Choosing a hypoallergenic and latex-free mask is essential for all skin types, regardless of their level of sensitivity.

Finally, buying a medical mask made in Quebec offers many advantages. By purchasing local, you  encourage innovation and job creation in Quebec, while ensuring your safety and protecting the people close to you.


Did you know that 50% of interpersonal communication is visual? When it comes to expressing an idea, emotion or directive, you rely on your eyes as much as your mouth. Medical masks with wide windows at the mouth are specially designed to facilitate communication and better convey facial expressions. Plus, they let you show the world your best smile!

When choosing a medical mask that provides protection, comfort and the ability to communicate more effectively, treat yourself to the best there is on the market.

Equipped with a transparent anti-fog film, the Humask Pro Vision is the only window mask in the world that complies with ASTM F2100-19 standards at level two and three protection levels.*

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* Patent pending