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Humask Pro Vision: new norms, new heights

With the arrival of masks with transparent windows, Health Canada announced new technical specifications based on the ASTM F2100 standard. Breathability tests were added to round out the testing on the entire device. The Humask Pro Vision is the first and only mask with a window that meets Health Canada's technical specification guidelines for transparent medical masks.

Humask proudly surpasses the technical requirements set by Health Canada to test the full windowed mask and have results that represent the overall wearing experience; with both comfort and protection more adequately covered. Thus, the Humask Pro Vision takes on a new accreditation; Compliant to new directives and it’s components tested to be equivalent to an ASTM F2100 Level 3 medical mask. The new range of tests adds to the list more stringent and specific breathability tests for inhalation and exhalation used for filtering respirator masks (FFRs).

Attaining these more precise and extensive technical specifications allows for the Humask Pro Vision to be used under higher risk conditions: hospitals, long-term care centers, schools, etc. With this the Humask windowed mask reinforces its accessibility to all Canadian institutions and continues to make a difference in deaf and hard of hearing people’s lives.

ASTM F2100 Test methodResultPass/FailBacterial filtration efficiency (ASTM f2101) | 99.99% | PASS
Particle filtration efficiency (ASTM F2299) | 99.47% | PASS
Differential Pressure (EN 14683) | 5.8 mmH2O/cm2 | PASS Level 3
Flammability (16 CFR PART 1610) | Class 1 | PASS
Resistance to synthetic blood (ASTM F1862) | 160 mmHg | PASS Level 3
Additional testing according to for technical specifications for transparent medical masks
Pressure drop Inhalation (NIOSH TEB-APR-STP-0007) | 11.43 mmH2O | PASS
Pressure drop Exhalation (NIOSH TEB-APR-STP-0003) | 11.66 mmH2O | PASS
NIOSH PFE % TWI_N95PFE | 99.03% | PASS

To learn more about the new guidelines for transparent medical masks’ technical specifications on Health Canada’s website, the Canadian authority on medical grade masks behind this revision of tests for masks with transparent windows