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Windowed masks: 5 clear advantages

For many of us, verbal communication is a given in our daily lives. However, the obligation to wear a mask gives rise to new challenges mainly because it hides a large part of the face used for expression.

No one knows this better than Luc Girard, one of the partners of Entreprise Prémont, the company behind Humask, whose daughter has hearing difficulties. For people who are deaf and hard of hearing, wearing a medical mask prevents lip reading and understanding speech. With this issue in mind, the company set out to develop a medical mask with a clear window to facilitate non-verbal communication: the Humask Pro Vision.

Here are 5 reasons to choose this innovative model and see the human behind the mask.


Few of us can easily communicate and interpret thoughts and emotions without using our mouths. This is especially true for people who need to read lips or to see facial expressions in a conversation.

Thanks to its wide clear window at the mouth, the Humask Pro Vision is ideal for communicating with people with hearing loss. Its thin plastic structure allows for speechreading and greater freedom of movement. By adding more space between the mouth and the window, it does not alter the voice or the quality of the sound.

In the same vein, wearing a windowed mask is also beneficial with seniors suffering from hearing loss or cognitive difficulties. People with dementia, for instance, greatly benefit from seeing the mouths of family members or caregivers to better understand and take part in conversational speech.


Learning to socially interact with others and to understand rules is quite a challenge when you are little, especially when your educator’s mouth is hidden by a mask.

This is why daycare educators, psychologists, speech therapists and other early childhood professionals recommend wearing a mask with a clear window. For young children, nothing compares to seeing the smile of their teacher or better hearing the words of a guest performer!


The windowed mask is a valuable asset when it comes to smooth and efficient communications with the general public. Whether in a crowded restaurant or a busy store, it facilitates communication especially in a noisy environment. Did you know that 55% of interpersonal communication is visual?

By showing a larger part of the face, this innovative mask thus facilitates non-verbal communication and provides protection that lets you smile.


The Humask Pro Vision is the only windowed mask in the world that complies with the ASTM F2100-19 level 2 and 3 standards. These are the quality standards set by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), which apply to Canada and the United States. Uniquely designed and patent pending, this wide windowed mask provides unparalleled protection and comfort.


Thanks to innovation and local know-how, the transparent film of the Humask Pro Vision mask is equipped with anti-fog technology. But the benefits of this innovative windowed mask don’t end there.

Its high performance HuCareTM membrane offers superior protection:

  • This revolutionary membrane provides exceptional filtration of bacteria as well as unmatched comfort and lightness.
  • Its superior filtering efficiency offers an additional layer of protection.
  • It retains its high level of protection compared to conventional membranes that can lose effectiveness over time.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Quebec, the Humask Pro Vision mask not only offers more comfort and breathability, but greater peace of mind as well. It’s the best ally in schools, hospitals, work sites, or anywhere else where safety comes first.

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