About Us

Entreprise Prémont was founded in 2014 and originally specialized in manufacturing automation processes. The emergence of COVID-19 spurred our team to innovate in order to serve the common good.

Since the pandemic

Entreprise Prémont has become Quebec’s first manufacturer of surgical masks licensed by Health Canada to manufacture and distribute products that meet the highest industry requirements, such as the ASTM F2100 standard. Its Louiseville, Quebec, plant has cutting-edge technology and employs more than 110 employees.

A giant leap

The team at Entreprise Prémont has a wealth of expertise in the fields of health, HEPA filtration and process automation. We have revolutionized the world of surgical masks by developing a unique filtration technology, called the HuCaretm filter membrane, for our Humask Protm, which improves comfort and protection—all while reducing the inconvenience associated with wearing traditional masks.

Masks for everyone

The Humasktm, Humask Protm and Humask Kidstm product line is now widely recognized and appreciated in North America. In addition, Entreprise Prémont is continuing with our research and development. For example, the newest member of the family, the Humask Pro Visiontm, is a lip-reading-friendly mask with a window that conforms with the ASTM F2100 standard.